Opportunities to Serve The Lord

Serve The Lord

human cells“A Part of Me”

Cells fascinate me. Specially when I think about the interconnectedness of each of them. They cannot and will not survive alone. They are meant to be with each other and work together to accomplish a purpose… to live. 

Paul multiple times compared the church to a human body (1 Cor. 12). He mentions our need to work together and later on, to avoid comparing each other (2 Corinthians. 10:12).  

We who gather in Christ as a Church, become the body of Christ and have been entrusted with a purpose. To reach the lost and help them build their lives on the strong foundation of God’s Word.

To accomplish it we must follow Jesus example. He came to love, to serve, to give. That is what we are called to do, as Church, to love like Jesus. To serve like Jesus. To give like Jesus.

The more each of us do this, the love of Christ will flow and grow in us and through us, enabling us to accomplish God’s purpose on our lives and as a congregation. 

As you become part of this body of Christ, may you answer the call to follow Jesus’ example and Love, serve and give, becoming a member and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Pastor: Abraham Moreno.

Before you contact any of these ministry leaders, please fill up a ministry application. Here’s the link

Youth Ministry: The Youth gathers every Sunday at 11:00 am to study God’s word at their level. The youth is comprise of all teens ages 12- 18. Pastor Romael (Bhong) and his wife Ame lead the youth closer to God. To get involved email Pastor Bohng:  bcarreon@ccmcallen.org

Security Ministry: The Security Ministry works together to keep the church and kids safe at all times. We are thankful for their willingness to serve and protect the congregation that we may enjoy a peaceful time of fellowship together. To get involved please email Mark and sign up: mlavine@ccmcallen.org

Usher Ministry: The ushers are a very important part of our fellowship. They help keep things orderly and help assist anyone that come through the doors. The ushers are led by Ronnie. To join the ushers email Ronnie at: rgray@ccmcallen.org

First Impression Ministry: These are our greeters and those who ensure that everyone that comes feels at home and welcomed. They are a very important part of our fellowship since they are the very first people our guest meet. All you need to join is a willing heart and a warm smile. To get involved email Mark at: mlavine@ccmcallen.org

Cleaning and Maintenance Ministry: Cleaning and Maintenance Ministry is a vital part of our church. The cleaning ministry ensures our best foot is forward. They ensure that things are clean and safe to use to ensure everyone feels welcome and at home. We are very thankful for those who willingly make time to serve in this ministry. Email Arturo to join this ministry: asalazar@ccmcallen.org

Worship Ministry: Worship Ministry is an exciting ministry. We get to lead everyone closer to Jesus without grabbing attention to ourselves. It is a ministry that is always  welcoming talented and skilled people to join. To get involved, email Kathryn:  kmoreno@ccmcallen.org

Children’s Ministry: Children’s Ministry is the most important ministry of the world. It is the raising the next generation and it should not be taken lightly. To serve in this ministry a passion for Jesus is essential, a love for the kids that surpasses the classroom. We are always excited to teach and train all those desiring to join us. Email Kathryn at: kmoreno@ccmcallen.org